Subject content

  • The subject is concerned with understanding the workings of a modern economy from both Macro and Micro level. The main topics covered are Demand, Supply, Consumer, Cost of Production, Elasticity, Market Structures, Perfect Competition, Monopoly, Price Discrimination, Imperfect Competition and Oligopoly and Factors of Production Land, Labour, Capital and Enterprise. Macro consists of Money & Banking, National Income, Government & Economy, International Trade, Economic Growth & Development and History of Economic Thought.
  • There are no projects, practical aspects, field trips, etc. Teacher may include project work but it is not a requirement of the syllabus.
  • There is a common syllabus covering Higher and Ordinary level, which will fulfill the aims and objectives.
  • It helps students to develop a clear understanding of the role of economics, to encourage the development of appropriate learning skills, and to generate in students a positive and ethical attitude to economics in personal, business and public life

Exam Structure

  • Higher Level & Ordinary Level
  • One Paper 2.5 hour paper.
  • Section A 9 Qs do 6 (100 marks)
  • Section B 8 Qs do 4 (75 each. 300 in total). Large element of choice here.


  • This subject is suited to students who are willing to work hard and caters for all abilities.
  • It is not necessary for students to have studied Junior Certificate Business Studies, but this would be a help.
  • Ideally, students should have a general interest in how the economy works.
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