Aware Fun Run

Fun Run_1

On Thursday the 15th October the work started early, as Mr Joyce, Mr Mullaney and Ms Masterson’s Amber Flag team were out amidst the fog setting up the course that would soon greet over 600 students. The atmosphere was buzzing around the school as the mascots greeted each class with excitement. The countdown was on, each minute was spent waiting in anticipation for the final bell. The class of TYA joined Ms O’Callaghan, Mr Joyce, Ms Masterson and their team on the pitches awaiting the student body.

The participants wore orange or blue, the orange represented the Amber flag and the blue symbolised Cycle against Suicide. Students were met on the bridge with the ‘face painters’ where they were decorated with orange and blue stripes. The crowds swarmed out. The photo booth was very popular, where students dressed up in the crazy costumes and got their photo taken in front of the green screen. The atmosphere was electric as smiles were spread across the face of each student out on the pitches.

If you were looking for a good laugh, Newbridge College was the place to be. A mascot race took place to kick off the eventful day. Each of the mascots lined up on the starting line but I think it is safe to say that not all of them managed to pass the finish line, after the 100 metre ‘dash’.

The starting line was filled with hundreds of students and teachers rearing to go. The runners took off at the start, followed by the walkers. Everyone smiled, laughed and gasped for air the whole way around the four laps of the rugby pitches. Great encouragement came the stewards who were spread out across the pitches. Everyone was cheered on as they crossed the finish line, no matter if they came first or last.

Those who finished in the top three in the year all received medals. There was also prizes for the best dressed on the day and those who guessed the Amber Bear. After everyone crossed the finish line, two ice cream vans awaited across the bridge. Everyone continued to spread the positivity as the pitches were cleared. The day was a major success. From start to finish it was a day of promoting positive mental health and needless to say everyone headed home with a smile on their face.

Kate Hannon

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