­Launch of Newbridge College Revised Code of Behaviour

This week, Newbridge College is launching its newly revised Code of Behaviour.

Newbridge College Code of Behaviour

All members of the Newbridge College community have been involved in this review. Our new Code of Behaviour embodies the values and the characteristic spirit of our school community. Our revised Code of Behaviour promotes positive behaviour, creates high expectations for us all, helps build great relationships and most importantly is based on the values that we have agreed will enable us to live well and achieve well in our school.

RESPECT - Code of Behaviour

The values represented by the acronym RESPECT are embedded in the code. This stands for Responsibility, Empathy, Safety, Pride, Excellence, Co-operation and Truth. The code embodies the values of Restorative Practices.

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Our Code of Behaviour sets out guidelines which will create a positive learning environment in classrooms and a safe and secure atmosphere for all.

The guidelines set out in our new code are intended to emphasise and recognise all we do well and give guidance and direction when we need intervention and ­ support.

Our code should help us all to set the very highest standards for the way we live in Newbridge College. Our hope is that it will reflect the way we live as a community.


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