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03 December 2014

3C Visits the Dáil

3C Visits the Dáil

For our CSPE action project,

my class recently had a trip to the Dáil in Dublin.

It was a fantastic visit and we learned a lot about how the Dáil works and about Leinster House’s history.

The first thing we visited when we got to the Dáil was the public Gallery so we could see where all the Dáil meetings took place, the Dáil sits 166 TD’s and meets 3 days a week and 2 Fridays every month. The two leading parties at the moment are Fine Gael and Labour and the two opposing parties are Fine Fáil and Sinn Féin.

The present Taoiseach is Enda Kenny (Fine Gael) and the present Tanáiste is Joan Burton (Labour). Every Government term lasts 5 years and then there is a general election. The Ceann Cabhairle is the only member who is definitely going to be re-elected as a TD. The last general election was held in 2011 and the next one will be held in 2016, if in the very unlikely case that the vote turns out equal (an equal amount voted yes and no) the Ceann Cabhairle will have the casting vote.

Some facts I learned about Leinster house were that it was originally called Kildare house because it was owned by James Fitzgerald, the Earl of Kildare when it was built in the 1740’s. It was then bought by James the first Duke of Leinster and was renamed the name it has today. However, it was only in 1815 when the R.D.S. bought Leinster House, that the Dáil was built.

The Senate,
There are 60 members in the Senate. Countess Markevich was the first woman to be elected. 43 members of the Senate are elected by their communities, 6 members are graduates from Trinity College and 11 members are elected by the Taoiseach.

This is a brief description of my class’s trip to the Dáil, which we all thoroughly enjoyed and are thankful to everybody who helped out. I hope you learnt something that you didn’t know about the Dáil from this paper, I know I learned something new on my visit!

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