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14 May 2009

A Magical Night of Music

A Magical Night of Music

This wonderful night took place recently in the college theatre and hopefully will be the first of many.

Read one person's view of the evening:

It was the first ever choral recital held in our school which was purely about the music. Surely though, it was the first of many evenings which are to be held here. As each performer went up in turn, their respective pieces lingered on the ears of the audience as the very air vibrated with a haunting chill.
The senior choir pulled off two classic crowd pleasers to start off with, followed by the junior choir who sang deceptively beautiful in spite of their numbers. Each solo artist was flawless, displaying a massive range of instrumental and vocal talents.  A traditional Irish group of ten then upped the tempo with an excellent set of jigs and polkas.

The other group performance, a string trio, harmonised beautifully,   mesmerising all listeners. Both choirs then received a well-earned standing ovation for the outstanding recital of Bohemian Rhapsody to cap the night off. Many thanks and praises are due, to Ms O’Brien and to Ms Ryan, who organised both the night and the choirs. Each stunned face leaving the theatre wished for the concert to go on without stopping but unfortunately the night came to an end.  On the back of this years success, hopefully there’ll be another recital soon.

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