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16 April 2012

Psychotherapy Courses for Parents and Teachers

Independent College Dublin is now offering two NEW Diplomas in Psychotherapy that we think will be of interest to parents and teachers at your school.

·        Child Psychotherapy for Parents: Parenting that Works

·        Child Psychotherapy for Primary/Post-Primary Teachers: The Secret of a Happy Classroom


Information on both courses is provided below. We’d greatly appreciate it if you would circulate this to all staff and parents of your school.

Diploma for Parents (Child Psychotherapy for Parents: Parenting that Works)

The diploma in Child Psychotherapy for Parents is a 6-week diploma course that is designed for parents who wish to understand the inner world of children. Children have surprising complex emotional lives and parents play a crucial role in their children’s developmental cycles and unconscious patterns, laying down the crucial bridgework from childhood to adulthood and facilitating growth, development and creativity. Childhood experiences of love and loss, sexuality and death establish patterns in the mind which have enduring effects and are often the source of l ater conflicts which block emotional and cognitive development.

This course provides both educational and practical knowledge to parents in the job of parenting.  

Commencing on Thursday 19th April 2012, the course runs on Thursday evenings for 6 weeks.

Diploma for Teachers (Child Psychotherapy for Primary/Post-Primary Teachers: The Secret of a Happy Classroom)

The Diploma in Child Psychotherapy for Teachers is an intensive one-week diploma course that focuses on the significant role that teachers play in children’s lives. The course works from the essential premise that the classroom is a microcosm of society and is the place where children/adolescents begin to explore their relationships with adults and children outside the family. As well studying how anxiety and anger in the classroom can be viewed as representations of underlying emotional turmoil, the course explores the impact of psychological processes, conscious and unconscious, in the school environment.

Teachers will gain skills to handle the impact of separation anxiety in their students and learn how to nurture secure attachments between themselves and their students with the aim of encouraging confident children who are eager to progress in their stu dies.

Co-taught by two psychotherapists experienced within the primary and secondary school sectors, teachers may enroll for one of two versions of the course:

- Child Psychotherapy for Primary Teachers

- Child Psychotherapy for Post-Primary Teachers

Both cours es run from Monday July 2nd – Friday July 6th (20 contact hours).

For more information and to register please contact diplomas@independentcolleges.ie or call 01 672 5058. Visit www.independentcolleges.ie

Kind Regards,

Admissions Team

Independent College Dublin

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