Saints of the College



Feast Day

St. Thomas Aquinas.

13th Century  Italian Dominican Priest, Theologian, Doctor of the Church, Patron of the College.

January 28th

St. Dominic

12th Century Spanish Priest, founder of Dominican Order.

August 8th

St. Martin

16th Century Peruvian

Dominican lay brother.

November 3rd

St. Vincent

14th Century Spanish Dominican Priest, European Preacher

May 5th

St. Louis

16th Century Spanish Dominican Priest, Missionary in Columbia

October 9th

St. Albert

13th Century German Dominican Bishop, Doctor of the Church and Patron of those who study the natural sciences

November 15th

St. Catherine

14th Century Italian Lay Dominican, Doctor of the Church and Patroness of Europe

April 29th

St. Rose

16th Century Peruvian Lay Dominican, first canonised saint of Americas and Patroness of same.

August 30th

St. Antoninus

15th Century Italian Dominican Archbishop of Florence.

May 10th

St. Raymond of Peñafort

13th Century Dominican Priest, Theologian, Master General of the Dominican Order.

January 7th

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