Constitution of Parents School Association

1. This body shall be known as The Newbridge College/Parent School Association, hereinafter referred to as “The Association”.

2. Membership shall be confined to Parents and Legal Guardians of pupils attending the school and upon payment of the annual subscription.  This subscription to be revised annually at the AGM.

3. The aims and objectives to The Association shall be:

  a. To uphold the right of the voluntary denominational schools to exist and claim parity of treatment with State-run schools.

  b. To promote the rights of parents and guardians to be consulted and informed of Government educational policy.

  c. To promote the educational, religious, spiritual and general welfare of pupils.

  d. To keep parents informed of current trends and development in Newbridge College

  e. To encourage parent and guardian participation in all school activities.

4. A Committee shall be elected at the A.G.M. of The Association and shall consist of Hon. Chairperson, Hon. Vice-Chairperson, Hon. Secretary and Hon. Treasurer, otherwise known as The Executive Officers of The Association.

5. An Executive Officer may remain in office for two consecutive years before retiring from that office and must allow one year to elapse before being eligible for re-election to the same office.

6. The Principal, two representatives from the teaching staff and two representatives from the Dominican Community shall be invited to attend meetings of The Association, but will not have voting rights.

7. Voting Rights: All paid up parents and guardians of The Association, present on the day, shall have voting rights, one vote per family.

8. AGM: The Annual General Meeting shall be held as early in the Autumn Term as possible.

9. EGM: An Extraordinary General Meeting may be called for, on a majority decision of The Association and on the written request of the parents and guardians of a minimum of 50 pupils.

10. Minutes: The Hon. Secretary shall keep a record of Minutes and all meetings.

11. Accounts: The Treasurer shall keep proper records of all financial transactions and shall be required to give an account to all meetings of The Association.

12. The Association shall not have power to deal with complaints against members of the School Staff – lay or religious. (Such complaints to be taken directly to the Principal by the parents concerned)

13. The Association shall not interfere with the purely professional aspects of school administration and work.

14. The Association shall work towards upholding Christian values in education and shall affiliate with the CSPA (Congress of Catholics Secondary School Parents Association).

15. A member of staff of Newbridge College may not be elected to the Executive of The Association.


  i. The Association may elect two members- 1 male and 1 female ( from parents / guardians) to the Board of Governors.

  ii. Nominations must be forwarded to the Secretary together with the names of ten nominators, not less than 21 days before the election.

  iii. A vote will be taken by the members at an ordinary meeting of The Association to which all members will be invited and informed that a vote will take place.

  iv. Fully paid up members only are eligible for election to the Board of Governors.

  v. If a Parent School Association representative on the Board of Governors ceases being a member of The Association during their term that representative must resign their position on the Board of Governors and an election shall take place to elect a replacement for the remainder of the term

  vi. The Association’s representatives may, for a serious reason, be removed from office by the members.  A vote must be taken by the members at an ordinary meeting to which all members will be invited and informed that a vote will take place.

17. Amendments to the Constitution: Amendments to the Constitution may be made at an AGM or an EGM convened for that purpose. Such amendments must be made in writing to the Hon. Secretary not less than one month before the date of the general meeting and such notice must be given to all members at least 14 days prior to the general meeting.  Amendments will be carried by a majority vote.

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