Design and Communication Graphics

Subject Content

Consists of a core section comprised of (a) plane and solid geometry and (b) communication computer graphics
There is also an options section of applied graphics, two options are to be taken.

Exam Structure

One Terminal Exam Paper  60% 
Student Assignment  40%
Terminal Exam: 3 hours duration.

Question     Choice Marks
 1  5 parts from various areas of the core Student must attempt 4 parts Compulsory  60
 2 - 5

This section of the paper will contain four questions which will be based on material from the following syllabus areas:

  • Projection Systems
  • Conic Sections
  • Intersection and Development of Surfaces
  • Descriptive Geometry of Lines and Planes
Each question will be a multi-part question Student must attempt 2 questions  90
 6 This question will be based on Dynamic Mechanisms This will be a multi-part question     Student must attempt 2 questions      90
 7 This question will be based on Structural Forms
 8 This question will be based on Surface Geometry
 9 This question will be based on Geologic Geometry
 10 This question will be based on Assemblies
Total 240

Student Assignment

Emphasis on:  

1.  Elements of design
2.   Communication graphics 
3.   Use of ICTíS in design

Different theme for higher and ordinary level
May take the form of:  

A design investigation and modification
A concept design
(160 marks)


  • It is preferred that students would have undertaken Technical Graphics at Junior Cert. level.
  • Free-hand sketching is a main component of the core therefore Junior Cert art, materials technology wood and/or technology would serve as an advantage in this area.
  • A basic knowledge of ICT skills is also beneficial.
  • Students must also appreciate that work completed must conform to a high standard of neatness and draftsman-ship.
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