Mathematics (not optional)

Subject Content

Exam Structure

Useful Websites

1.    www.projectmaths.ie
Covers all aspects of the course ie. the 5 new strands    FREE
Click on the student’s CD
Click on course modules for information on the different topics

2.    www.alison.com
Need to register(name and password)        FREE
Type in project maths leaving cert honours or ordinary level
Online lessons covering all the topics on the course
Excellent if you want something explained to you again
Excellent if absent for a few days missed an area of the course

3.    www.mathsisfun.com
Excellent for both Junior and Leaving cert maths courses.      FREE
Covers practically everything one needs to know on both courses.
Easy to navigate and following the content.
10 multiple choice questions at the end of almost every page. The correct solution is shown if you click on the wrong answer, which is very helpful.

4.    www.khanacademy.com
Similar to Alison, in that it provides free online lessons on any maths topic. However it isn’t geared specifically towards the Irish Maths curriculum. Useful for the Junior cert which isn’t covered by Alison yet.    FREE

5.    www.themathstutor.ie
Covers both the Junior cert and Leaving cert at ordinary and higher level. Online lessons. Simply click on the topic you wish to revise. Free trial period initially for a month, after that it is 99 euro for the year.

Study Tips & Techniques

•    Have a separate revision copy

•    Do the revision questions at the end of each chapter.

•    Reference the examples in the book and questions done in class to help with getting the solutions to the questions

•    Practice the questions on the relevant topics on www.mathsisfun.com

•    Use www.alison.com , www.khanacademy.com or www.themathstutor.ie to have a topic explained again.

•    Set aside time during the week for revision of a previously covered topic or chapter

1st and 2nd year a minimum of 1 hour per week

3rd year a minimum of 2 hours.

5th and 6th year a minimum of 3 hours. Maths homework shouldn’t be completed in this hour. Ideal if it’s the same time slot each week (eg. Tuesday 20:00-21:00)

•    Underline key words of phrases in the question(very important for word problems)
     Eg.1    Find the equation of the line that is perpendicular to the line 2x +5y=8 and goes through the midpoint of A(4,6) and B(-2,4).

     Eg.2    A mobile phone bill comes to 68.75 euro’s including VAT at 13.5%. Find the amount collected by the revenue?

•    Learning (knowing) the difference between key terms (eg. Net Tax and Gross Tax) will clearly enhance one’s ability to start and complete a solution successfully.

•    Lay out solutions neatly so it is easy to follow and keep practicing questions. The is no shortage of them in your books!!!

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